How does NYC move forward after Coronavirus? What does the new normal look like? I’m not an elected official, but this question has been keeping me up at night.

NYC has several unique characteristics that make Coronavirus particularly devastating. The city is dense. People are social. Virtually no one has cars and relies on NYC subway, which doesn’t have proper ventilation. And it is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, which means that as long as there’s an outbreak somewhere in the world, it will find its way to NYC.

Warnings abound about a second wave in the…

The Marketing Blockchain

A few days ago, a Blockchain startup reached out to me. Blockchain, Emergent Consensus, Smart Contracts, Proof-of-Work, and a bunch of other terms that were fashionable in Dec of 2017 rushed back from the deep abyss in my brain, where I buried all these things, along with a few dollars. It’s now been a year since cryptocurrencies started collapsing. The fundamental question, however, remains — is Blockchain just a gimmick?

Last year, as I dug into the technical details of Bitcoin, while simultaneously being bombarded daily with Blockchain posts on the Internet, one thing became apparent — there’s a tremendous…

Matt Kapilevich

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